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"Ignite the Dance warrior in YOU"

"Anything is possible when you put your mind to it and every struggle only adds to your life experience that makes you stronger."

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Dance Credits

Asian Achievers Awards 2019 & 2016, Grand Opening of Ichiba Westfield London, EKA, Bring On The Bollywood UK Tour, Anand Film and TV Awards, Assistant Dance Captain/Choreographic Team and Featured Dancer in London Olympics Opening Ceremony 2012, Olivier Awards 2015, Rubgy World Cup Japan 2019 Conference, Semi-Finalist Britain's Got Talent , Turkish Film Awards- Oman, MSC Cruise, Hrithik Roshan Wax Launch at Madame Tussaud's London, NOBU India, MAD Feature Film, Assistant choreographer for Longenus Fernandes in Baar Baar Dekho. Incredible India Holland with Shah Rukh Khan, Foxy Bingo , ASDA & Samsung Galaxy Commercials, Interceptor BBC1, Girl & Ninjo Netflix, But I Don't Like girls UK Tour, Tour In India with Triveni Dance, Comic Relief, National Lottery Live, Uncle Bens UK Tour, Tilda, HSBC, Citi Group, SGI UK, Mitsubishi, Wimbledon, Innocent Smoothies, BBC1, Comic Relief, Secret Cinema. 

Emiko, with an East Asian background, has evolved a unique style in her 18-year career in arts, spanning disciplines like Hiphop, Nihon Buyo, Bollywood, Kathak, and Martial Arts. She has worked on feature films, theater, music videos, shows, and commercials, both in the UK and abroad. Her career highlight includes being an assistant dance captain and featured dancer at the 2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Formed in 2012, Epika Dance Troupe reflects Emiko's passion for Indian dance, sparked by actress Madhuri Dixit in the film Devdas. With her extensive training, Emiko nurtures others to hone their skills, fostering a community of strong leaders. She also conducts international workshops in places like the US, India, and Japan to empower future dancers.




Emiko is a versatile professional dancer with 18 years of experience in ballet, jazz, hiphop, Indian dance, and Japanese traditional dance. She has performed in film, TV, commercials, theatre, and award ceremonies. Inspired by the movie Devdas, Emiko joined Threebee Dance for 6 years. She toured the UK with Independence, empowering women through hip hop dance. With training in kathak and Classical Japanese Dance, Emiko has worked on global films and UK tours. She now leads Epika Dance as Founder, Creative Director & Choreographer, providing training and opportunities for her dancers.


Emiko, an accomplished dance instructor with 18 years of experience, specializes in Indian, Japanese, Hiphop, and Martial Arts dance forms. She's taught diverse dancers globally, both in person across the UK, India, and Japan, and online. Known for her motivational style, she offers bespoke 1-2-1 training, has extensive SEN school experience, and is praised by her students and clients.


Emiko, founder of the Epika Dance Troupe in 2012, is an internationally acclaimed dancer motivated by the empowering aspect of dance. Inspired by Madhuri Dixit, her dancing skills and teachings have helped many develop their potential, fostering a community of leaders. She uses dance as therapy in London hospitals, specialising in teaching children with Autism and adults with dementia. Her 8 years of experience have allowed her to conduct workshops in the UK, India, and the US. Emiko also teaches dance at Special Education Needs (SEN) schools, helping students develop life skills and integrate into society. She often travels to India, spreading Autism awareness through dance.

Before focusing full-time on performing arts, Emiko completed Film & American Studies at King's College University, including a year at the University of California Santa Barbara studying Acting, Film & Asian American Studies. She also completed a postgraduate in Practical Filmmaking at the Met Film School, which led to various industry roles, including 1st AD in short films, Assistant Cameraman in the Paris Franco-American Film, and Director of Photography at the Edinburgh TV Awards.

Director of Learning & Development, City Academy (Arts) Limited

Peter Spring

I’ve always found Emiko to be dedicated, hardworking and she receives excellent feedback from our students. Emiko is an actress, dancer, choreographer and martial artist. She is a talented creative with solid business acumen who works in TV, Film, Commercials and Theatre. As a great team player, Emiko is always a pleasure to work with and is dedicated to excelling in her various creative projects - uplifting others while she does so. City Academy seeks tutors that are not only strong performers and excellent communicators but also reliable and personable. Emiko embodies all of these qualities.




Emiko, a seasoned dancer with 18 years' expertise across ballet, jazz, hip-hop, Indian and Japanese traditional dances, has graced various platforms from film, TV, commercials to theatre and awards. Inspired by Indian cinema and dance, she spent 6 years with Threebee Dance, and also uplifted women on a UK tour with Independence through hip-hop. Trained for 12 years in Kathak under Pandit Guru Pratap Pawar and 10 years in Classical Japanese Dance under Tanaka Hiroko, she's worked globally on films and UK tours. Now, she leads Epika Dance as the Founder, Creative Director & Choreographer, nurturing her own dancers.

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