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Growing up Martial Arts has shaped her “never give up” attitude and to fight to achieve any goal. She was able to transfer her passion into film, TV, stage & music videos. 

Andreas Petrides - Action Director & Stunt Coordinator

“Emiko apart from other performers who I have worked with. Her ability to transform for every performance showed me a range and skill level that is highly uncommon in our industry. After working together with her on BBC Giri/Haji , I have no doubt that she is one of the top performers in the industry. In fact, due to her excellence, we have recognized Emiko by selecting her to represent The British Action Academy agency as a performer on numerous occasions. In doing so, she has always represented the organization to the highest standards and has always received great feedback from projects including Pukka Films, The Great, The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself, Embankment.”


Action Choreorgphy

LVRA Music Video Short film 


Fight Choreographer & stunt double

Upcoming work includes:

The World Mission.jpg

The World Mission

 Agent Pimiko Shoki

Poster_World Mission.jpeg

Serenades End

Melanie Piper/Stunt 

Poster_World Mission.jpeg

Today We Fight


The Stunt Alliance
c/o Baxter & Co
2 - 4 Lynwood House, Crofton Road
Orpington BR6 8QE
Company Number 11832649
+44 (0)7884066282
+44 (0)20 8123 8514

More information

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Emiko Ishii


  • Height - 5’1

  • Weight - 51kg

  • Chest - 33.5in

  • Waist - 27in

  • Collar

  • Inside Leg -

  • Clothing size- UK8

  • Shoes - UK3

  • Hair Colour Dark Brown

  • Eye Colour Brown

Recent Credits

  • The World Mission - Agent Pimiko

  • Half Bad - Amy - Hunter/Action Performer

  • Secret Invasion - SAS /Action Performer

  • Giri/Haji BBC - Yakuza Wife/Action Performer

  • Pukka Films - Action Performer

  • Interceptor BBC - Chinese Girl -Action Performer

  • Divine Paradox - Kitsune - Katana Specialist

  • Saturday Night Takeaway -Karate Choreo Anne Marie

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• BareArms
• Gun Rush
• British Action Academy Phase 1-3
• Motion Capture
• Wirework

Special Skills

• Karate
• Eskrima - olissi, knife, mano mano
• Muay Thai, Kickboxing ,Boxing
• Skiing
• Swimming
• Horse Riding
• Acting
• Dance
• Movement Direction & Choreography

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